Mohamed Beiram: Turkey backs mercenaries in Middle East

Head of Syria's Future Party Afrin-Shahba Mohamed Beiram said Turkish occupation state seeks to build a community based on mercenaries in occupied areas confirming it has become the main supporter and trainer of mercenaries in the world. 

Within the years of the Syrian crisis Turkey recruited thousands of mercenaries in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan and lately reports say they were sent to Ukraine.

 Head of Syria's Future Party Afrin-Shahba Mohamed Beiram told ANHA that role played by Turkey in the region and Middle East is in its essence a mercenary one and reminds us of Hamidiye Cavalry and Janissaries that destroyed the region'.

On policies adopted by the adopted by Turkish occupation state to revive that policy in Syria Beiram said:  since the onset of the Syrian crisis Turkish occupation state hurriedly put its hand in Syria to put into operation its occupation policies and revive Ottoman Empire and the Misak –I Milli by occupying northern Syria from Mediterranean up to Kirkuk and Mosul in Iraq with 30 deep.   

Beiram went on to say the Turkish occupation state aborted the Syrian revolution by killing its leaders and symbols replacing them with mercenaries void of morals and conscience such as Abu 'Amsha and Fahim Issa who committed crimes against the Syrian people and it incited the Turkomen against other Syrian components.      

Beiram noted Turkish policies in occupied areas seek to build up mercenary communities swept by mess and anarchy and medieval ideas that aim to destroy life. This is very obvious in Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi as it destroyed all cultural and historical milestones. 

Beiram said there had been attempts to unify the Kurds of Syria but attachment of the Kurdish national council to the Turkish occupation state fell all attempts. 

Beiram added: acts of Kurdish National Council in Afrin and other occupied areas proves utterly that it is a tool in the hands of the Turkish occupation state no more. 'Turkey is the main state that supports and backs mercenaries in the world'.  



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