Modernity and Democracy party of Syria decries the murder of struggler Yassin Bolot

Modernity and Democracy Party of Syria condemned the assassination of the fighter Yassin Bulut, and expressed its solidarity with "what the martyr Yassin Bulut represents in terms of values ​​and political heritage, and with his political institutions and organizations."

In a statement issued, the Political Administration Council of the Party of Modernity and Democracy of Syria said,"Criminality and disregard for the legitimacy of human rights is the Turkish behavior that targets and assassinates enlightened militants who were known only for their defense of their people, their care for their affairs, and their sacrifice for it. And the racist arrogance of the Turkish government, when its killing machine breaks loose, so it turns towards a militant of the type of comrade Yassin Bulut, who occupies a civil and humanitarian position, according to which he contributes to the care of children and women of the martyrs' families who have been killed by Turkish crimes for many years.

He added, "The Modernity and Democracy Party of Syria, as it condemns the criminal assassination carried out by the Turkish killing machine and led to the martyrdom of the fighter Yassin Bulut, affirms that what happened to the martyr will only increase the will of freedom, peace and brotherhood of peoples, and will only contribute to the coherence of enlightened and participatory democratic positions and the strengthening of struggle for a democratic society, and it will never succeed in weakening the resolve of those who took it upon themselves to defend the values of justice, freedom and the brotherhood of peoples.

It concluded by saying: "All support and solidarity with the values ​​and political heritage represented by the martyr Yassin Bulut, and with the institutions and political organizations he belongs to."



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