Mirza: After all these massacres, how can Turkey be trusted!?

The official of the Assyrian Democratic Party - Syria Branch, stressed the need for the safe area to be protected by internationally and not by Turkey because its history is full of massacres.

Through its occupation policy, the Turkish occupation state seeks to undermine stability and security in Syria, as it has done throughout the Syrian crisis and continues to threaten and carry out its criminal acts against the Syrian people.

The Turkish occupation has a history of massacres and ethnic genocides, including the genocide of Armenians in 1915 and the massacres of the Syriacs and Chaldeans and the massacre of Seyfo, which claimed the lives of thousands of Christians.

Currently, the Turkish occupation targets the areas of northeastern Syria, where the various components of Kurds, Arabs, Syrians and Assyrians live. Many believe that Turkey is trying to commit new massacres against the components of the region, revive its mercenaries and implement its plans through the settlement and secure the so-called "safe area" for its mercenaries.

ANHA interviewed the Syrian Assyrian Democratic Party official, Wael Mirza, where he said, "The threats of the Turkish state are not new, but since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, they are interfering negatively."

Mirza pointed to the massacre of Seyfo, which was committed by the Turkish occupation and claimed the lives of thousands of Christians, saying, "We are not surprised by the threats of the occupying state, Turkey, because what Turkey is doing is an occupation. "

The region should be under international protection

"As a result of our mistrust of Turkey, in the event of the establishment of the safe zone, it must be under international protection, not under the control of the Turkish occupation state because the Turkish occupation state is trying to establish the safe zone by occupying the territory," Mirza stressed.

Mirza described the corridor that the Turkish occupation is trying to construct as "unsafe corridor", given the massacres that Turkey is still committing against all the peoples of the region, "and we do not trust that it will create something positive in the region."

Mirza said, "the threats of the Turkish occupation state to the north and east of Syria is an attempt to export the problems and the internal crisis suffered by the Turkish interior at various political and economic levels."




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