​​​​​​​Military sources: Turkey sent sophisticated weapons, including air defense systems, to Libya

​​​​​​​Libyan military sources revealed that Turkey has provided Libyan GNA's forces with sophisticated weapons, including air defense systems, stressing that Turkey is still continuing to support its mercenaries in Libya despite international invitations to stop the battles. 

A military official at the General Command of the Libyan Army told Al-Arabiya network that “Ankara recently provided GNA with new high-tech weapons, which arrived at the ports of Misurata and Tripoli through cargo ships coming from Turkey.”

Added, "These weapons were detected inside the fighting fronts in the capital, Tripoli, and even in residential areas and vital centers, where sophisticated air defense systems were installed, newly manufactured ground missiles, jamming devices and Turkish-made heavy-caliber mortars, in addition to a group of combat drones." The Phoenix after the Bayrakdar planes failed to achieve field gains

 The Libyan official stressed that "Turkey continues to support armed militias by all means, military and political, and foreign fighters, despite international demands to stop fighting and enter a humanitarian truce during the month of Ramadan, which was approved by the Libyan army."

For its part, Accord government GNA refused to engage in a humanitarian truce announced by the Libyan army on the occasion of Ramadan.

Accordingly, the same official counted that Accord forces GNA relied this period on the large and advanced arsenal of weapons that they came from Turkey to achieve superiority in the battle and field progress, which explains its neglect of the truce called by the Libyan army and the continued escalation of the fighting, as well as its rejection of the European mission "IRNI" to monitor the implementation of the arms embargo to Libya in the Mediterranean.

On the 24th of last April, the United Nations Mission expressed its concern about the violation of the embargo imposed on Libya, by continuing to introduce new weapons into this country.

Ankara supports the accord government in Libya militarily and openly by sending Syrian materiel and mercenaries as well as Turkish officers and advisors to provide support and organize work, under the cover of an agreement on security and military cooperation between the two countries signed in December last year in a controversial manner.



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