Michael Rubin: Trump administration must support Kurds in Syria

In an article in the National Interest magazine, former Pentagon official Michael Rubin said that Washington should support the federal and Kurdish project in north east of Syria and stop to satisfy Erdogan.

The writer pointed out in his article that the Kurds in Syria do not trust of the Syrian regime, and for many reasons including the mentality of Syrian regime practiced by the regime against each person opposed to it in addition to the events that began in Qamishlo city in 2004, where the regime tried to obliterate the Kurdish identity, arrested young Kurds and tortured in the basements of prisons regime and practiced the economic siege on the province of al-Hasakah at the time.

The writer adds that the mentality of the so-called Syrian opposition is a mentality very similar to the mentality of the oppressive and despotic regime, and hard proof was the occupation of Afrin.

Why do Syrian Kurds not trust Turkey?

Rubin spoke in the article about the situation in Syria after 2011, "where the Syrian Kurds imposed control over the administration of north and east of Syria, and how the People Protection Units (YPG), which was isolated and trapped not only by the Syrian 's regime but Turkey and (KRG) in Iraq, which was able to defeat Jabhet al-Nusra the branch of al-Qaeda with light weapons.

"Although this government may not have been perfect, it was tolerant and safe, girls were going to school without fear of sexual harassment, municipal services were operating, markets crowded with people, and a safe haven for Syrians displaced from other parts of Syria.

And narrated his story about Kobani city, which confronted Daesh mercenaries bravely, and Esmat Sheikh Hassan, "the Kurdish leader" who remained in Kobani city along with his sons throughout the siege, which talked about the sacrifices made by the local Kurds to defend the city with a Kurdish majority, even when Deash mercenaries were being supported by Turkey through safe passage through its the border.

Why the "buffer zone" threatens US security

The author claims that the "buffer zone" is not valid on the Syrian side of the border. The "Kurdish authorities" rejected the initial proposals for the so-called buffer zone, where the Turks were promoting that they would control the area, and that north Syria's people had a bitter experience with Erdogan, where he has always supported Daesh mercenaries and Jabhet al-Nusra, and occupied the city of Afrin, who rejected these proposals.

The writer and former Pentagon official Michael Rubin called on Washington to adopt a wiser policy of Washington adopting a "Kurdish administration" in north and east of Syria and supporting federalism in Syria's future.

"The United States should invest directly in the region and help re-build it in order to create jobs, consolidate the region of influence and tolerance instead of treating the Syrian Kurds as an enemy in a misguided attempt to appease the unbearable, Washington should encourage Ankara to deal with them as neighbors " he says.



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