Mercenaries shot demonstrators in al-Bab, reports on casualties

The Turkish occupation mercenaries shot fire and tear-gas at the demonstrators in al-Bab occupied city, and there were reports on casualties.

The residents of al-Bab came out on Sunday in protest against the deteriorating security situation in the occupied territories, following a series of bombings and kidnappings in the area.

The protesters chanted, "Bring down Erdogan," and marched to protest in front of the center of the so-called Military Police mercenaries before masked mercenaries of the Turkish occupation fired live ammunition and tear gas at them.

Local sources reported to our agency that there were killed and wounded as mercenaries targeted the demonstrators with live bullets.

According to the same source, 38-year-old Saeed Mahmoud Sukkar was killed by live bullets being targeted by the mercenaries directly, while Khaled Mohammed Dakkak, 35 years old, was injured.

Local sources inside al-Bab said that the general situation in the city was tense amid continuing protests, demonstrations and the gathering of people in the city squares.

Sources explained that the masked who were shooting the people had masked themselves so that the people did not know them when they shot.


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