Mercenaries of Turkish occupation cut down more than (256) trees in occupied Afrin

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state cut down hundreds of fruit and forest trees in the villages of the occupied Afrin canton's districts as part of eliminating the nature of the canton.

Sources from the occupied Afrin canton said the mercenaries of the "Hamza" division cut down (20) long-lived olive trees belonging to the two citizens, "Aufa Sobhi (15) trees - Shiraz Na'asan (5) trees", from the people of the village of Talfa in Janders district.

The mercenaries of the "Sultan Murad" division cut down 36 long-lived olive trees for the citizens, "Muhammad Fawzi Khalil (12) trees - Mustafa Khalil (12) trees - Ziyad Khalil (12) trees", from the people of the village of Baarafa in the district of Shara.

The mercenaries themselves also uprooted 200 trees, olive, pine, and almonds, belonging to the citizen, "Hanan Sumou Abboudan," from the village of Deir Sawan, in the district of Shera.

In Mobata district, the mercenaries of "Sultan Murad" cut down hundreds of trees located in the vicinity of a military headquarters, at the junction of Mobata district.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries, since the beginning of this year, have cut down more than 5 thousand fruit and forest trees in the villages and districts of the occupied Afrin canton.



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