Mercenaries of Tahrir al-Sham did not withdraw, regime is strengthening .. will new truce collapse?

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights(SOHR) denied the reports of the withdrawal of Haeit Tahrir al-Sham mercenaries and the evacuation of their positions near Damascus-Aleppo International Highway and Aleppo-Lattakia, and confirmed the arrival of military reinforcements for regime forces to the outskirts of Aleppo, indicating that the ceasefire truce is near collapse.

According to the SOHR, there is no truth in the withdrawal of Haeit Tahrir al-Sham mercenaries (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) from their positions or the evacuation of their headquarters near the Damascus-Aleppo International Highway and Aleppo-Lattakia International, in accordance with the agreement between Russia and Turkey, under which the operations were stopped. Unilateral military action (Russia) within the area of the so-called fourth escalation reduction (according to the Astana understandings between Turkey, Russia and Iran) and the latter was controlled by the mercenaries of Turkey. 

The SOHR monitored the regime forces bringing in military reinforcements to their locations in the western and southwestern suburbs of Aleppo.

In the same context, calm continues in the area of the so-called de-escalation, including the fall of shells fired by regime forces on al-Rakaya and Hayesh in the south-eastern Idlib countryside, amid the flight of Russian reconnaissance aircraft in the airspace of the southern countryside of Idlib. The fire, which began on the morning of Saturday, 31 August.

Sources circulated two days ago that the mercenaries dissolved themselves and dissolved their so-called "government of salvation" under pressure from Turkey, based on new understandings with Russia over Idlib that took place during the last meeting of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin and Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan last Tuesday.

The sources said the recent ceasefire declaration in Idlib, which came into effect on Saturday, was a signal from Moscow to give Ankara a chance to resolve the "victory", one of the most important items in the agreements signed between the parties to the ceasefire.

The regime forces ended a previous short-lived truce, and resumed its attack on Idlib and its surroundings, accusing Turkey of continuing to use its terrorist tools in Idlib. The regime forces took control of large areas including Khan Sheikhoun and the international road linking Aleppo to Damascus.


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