Mercenaries kidnapped him, dispute on sharing ransom caused his release

Continuing the series of violations in the regions of northern Syria by the mercenary gangs affiliated with the Turkish occupation, the citizen Hassen Ahmed al-Ahmed was detained and tortured in Azaz city while he was returning from Turkey to his city, Kobanê.

The citizen Hassen Ahmed al-Ahmed who is at 26 from Tel Hajeb village east of Kobanê city was kidnapped and brutally tortured at the hands of the mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation in the occupied city of Azaz while he was returning from Turkey.

The story of Hassen started when he entered the Syrian territories from Turkey via Bab al-Salama border crossing near Azaz city, which has been occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries since December 5th last year.

As soon as Hassen Ahmed crossed the border, the mercenaries kidnapped him and detained him in one of their headquarters, where he was tortured. In addition, several scenes of him were depicted while he was being tortured and pleading his family to pay the ransom to release him.

The mercenaries demanded Hassen’s family to pay 50,000 $ which equals more than 50 million Syrian pounds in exchange for his release.

After nearly a month passed on his kidnapping, what happened was not taken into account. After two mercenary gangs disagreed with each other on sharing the sum that the family would send, one of the factions released Hassen after they took off his clothes, and he then managed to reach the points of Manbij Military Council.

This is not the only story of this kind to happen in the occupied areas, as the areas from Jarabulus to Afrin through Azaz and al-Bab witness kidnappings, theft and killings almost daily.

Turkey occupied Jarabulus, Azaz and al-Bab regions after an attack it launched inside the Syrian territories in 2016, and then launched another attack on Afrin in early 2018, occupying the canton.



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