Mercenaries hinder agriculture sector in al-Shahba

As the agricultural sector in al-Shahba is developing and its people are stabilizing and returning to their jobs as before, Turkey's mercenaries who are occupying nearby areas are committing abuses against them in an effort to deprive them of their source of livelihood


Most of the people of al-Shahba canton rely on agriculture to secure their source of livelihood, but the mercenaries who occupied Afrin accompanied by the Turkish occupation are opening the water of al-Shahba Dam to submerge the agricultural lands belonging to the people of al-Shahba in an attempt to deprive the people to earn a living.

The mercenaries open the water of al-Shahba Dam, located between the town of al-Ra'i and the village of Om al-Hosh in al-Shahba canton to submerge agricultural lands belonging to the people of al-Shahba, causing great damage. The area of agricultural lands affected by the flooding was estimated at 73 hectares.

The Agriculture Committee in al-Shahba canton provides the necessary support to the people of the canton to develop agriculture, and the Commission has put all its resources in the service of agriculture this year.

In this context, Iman Hussein Toko, the co-chair of the Agriculture Committee of al-Shahba canton says about the agricultural situation this year, "We have provided services to the farmers in pursuit of having a good season. We gave fertilizer and medicines to avoid diseases, and we rented agricultural land to farmers."

Hassen Abdul Hamid Aloush, a resident of al-Shahba canton refers to the violations of the mercenaries that have also affected his land, "Our lands are all flooded and now we have no work to do. I have a family and it is very necessary to support them and I have no source of livelihood but the land, but the mercenaries have flooded it with water which led to its damage. Now, I cannot take advantage of it. , I cannot go to my land whose space is 10 hectares because the mercenaries are firing at everyone approaches."



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