McKenzie threatens: Iran uses Syria for its own reasons

The head of the US Army's Central Command, Kenneth McKenzie, said that Iran is using Syria for its own reasons, and the Syrian president should be aware of this, and we are monitoring actual movements on the ground, and not just discussions between the two sides.

In a press briefing organized by the State Department's Regional Information Office, on the recently signed agreement between Iran and Syria in the field of air defense, McKenzie added that Washington had established a complete theater to deter Iran directly and indirectly, stressing that the cost of any action against American forces in the region would be expensive and that the United States of America believes that Iran is always aware of the capabilities of the US military.

On the situation in Lebanon, McKenzie stressed that Washington is committed to supporting Lebanon and the legal forces in it, considering that "Hezbollah" is still the problem, and if it carried out an operation against Israel, it would have made a big mistake.

On the future of the American presence in Iraq, McKenzie said: "I am optimistic about the situation in Iraq today, and Al-Kazemi is doing everything right towards the militias and providing security for the American forces. I think we are in a good position with the Iraqi government to move forward with the bilateral strategic dialogue, and the American presence depends on our consultations." and the Iraqi government. "

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