McGurk launches scathing attack on Trump after UN report on NE Syria

The former U.S. envoy to the International Coalition against ISIS, Brett McGurk, harshly criticized the U.S. President Donald Trump about his previous speech that nothing happened when Turkey occupied Syrian areas, citing the UN Committee's report on the mercenaries' violations.

McGurk said on Twitter: "Trump said that nothing happened after he abandoned north-east Syria and handed it over to Putin and Erdogan, but according to a new UN's report, war crimes, murders, kidnappings, looting and forced displacement occurred in the areas our soldiers left and the matter is getting worse."

McGurk added: "US forces are currently in Syria, but not to protect the people there, nor to fight ISIS, but (according to Trump) to guard the oil."

He added: "These forces are now under pressure, and they are even injured by the Russian forces when Trump ordered his forces to leave.".

He added: "The supreme leader (Trump) has no idea about what the American soldiers are exposed to there, and he does not care about this matter. Trump has inherited a stable and permanent mission and burned it."


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