​​​​​​​MB's endeavors to extend Turkish influence in Yemen with Qatari support

Yemen is hotbed following the flaming war that has been ongoing for more than 6 years, amid great fears of possible Turkish interference promoted by politicians and media linked with the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, as they openly demanded the necessity of Turkish intervention in the Yemeni state taking advantage of the state of weakness it suffers.

Earlier, the American (Mint Press) website that is concerned with political, economic, foreign and environmental issues said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is preparing for military intervention in Yemen along the lines of Libya.

The American website said: "The militia belongs to the Yemeni Islah Party affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological and political ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is already fighting in the southern provinces of Yemen, especially in Abyan and Shabwa, according to what some Yemeni news websites reported.

 Yemeni officials had stated in earlier that there are Turkish elements in Shabwa governorate, affiliated with the Turkish armed security company  (SADAT), which is similar to the Russian company "Wagner" and  American "Blackwater". It is managed by retired Colonel Tanri Vardi who has recently been the chief advisor of the Turkish President Erdogan.

A number of Yemeni politicians and jurists have expressed great concerns about Turkish ambitions in Yemen.

Terrorist links with cross-border Brotherhood

The political and media official of the Nasserite Unionist Popular Organization in the Yemeni city of Taiz, Mujib Al-Maqtari, said, "The Turkish military intervention in Libya did not meet sufficient rejection and real confrontation. If there are some declared positions that refuse to do so, it did not amount to curbing the expansion that the Brotherhood government paved for." (Al-Wefaq Government), in addition to the facilities provided by the Brotherhood in Tunisia, represented by the Renaissance Movement.

He added that the terrorism links between the transnational Muslim Brotherhood had become clear, which encouraged the Turks towards Yemen.

Al-Maqtari said in a special statement to Hawar News Agency, "The Turkish plans are evident in MB's media and some of its leaders who demanded the expulsion of the Arab Coalition and summoning of Turkish intervention in Yemen. Despite the awakening of the people, the BM managed to set up outlawed camps in Shabwa and in Taiz with Qatari support as a prelude to confront the Arab Coalition, and who stands against its interests. All of this is based on a selfish, self-serving logic that serves their interests,  project and aspirations away from the interests of the people or the restoration of the state that the Yemeni people  sacrificed for in order to restore it.

The MB is malignant cancer and a Turkish dagger is in the Arab Nation side.”

The political and media official said: "In short, the MB is a malignant cancer in the body of the nation. Today they are a dagger of Turkey in the side of the Arab nation, that must be aware of the goals and expansion of this new Ottoman colonial project that is not differentiate from the project the Persian. The Arab nation I doomed to face these projects at once. It must arrange its ranks officially and popularly to achieve the Arab victory over the malicious colonial projects. "

"The Yemeni people will not bow."

Dr. Mahmoud al-Bakari, a professor of political sociology in Yemen, agreed with him, saying, in a special statement to Hawar News Agency, that what Yemen is going through from the state of war and conflict raging for nearly six years has generated a feeling among some regional and international powers that they can seize the opportunities available to implement their plans, desire and service to her interests. "

Al-Bakari stressed that "such a perception collides with the fact that the Yemeni people cannot acquiesce or complain or give in to any ambitions from any party."

Pointing out that "what is happening is like someone who is swimming against the current and that is why the parties to the conflict should stop bullying abroad, whose interference is undoubtedly an expression of the existence of interests in one way or another, and regional and international powers must review their accounts because the people have sovereignty over themselves."

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