Mazloum Abdi: We will liberate Afrin; all the occupied lands with its people

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, saluted the struggle of the displaced people of Afrin in the al-Shahba canton, stressing, "We will liberate Afrin and the rest of the lands with its people," and pointed out that it is necessary to work with more diligence and determination to liberate it.

Mazloum Abdi delivered a speech via the Zoom application at the international dialogue forum held in Berxwedan Camp in Fafin district in al-Shahba canton, under the slogan "Afrin is between the Turkish occupation and international interests."

Abdi began his speech by addressing the Turkish occupation policies that it pursues in Syria and against the people of north and east Syria, and said: "The goal of the Turkish occupation during its attacks on north and east Syria is not only to eliminate the Syrian Democratic Forces, which the occupation describes as terrorist groups, but also has many goals, which is the occupation of areas others from north and east Syria, bringing about demographic change in the region, distorting its history and exterminating its people.”

Stressing the need for the Syrian people to take a firm stance towards the Turkish occupation, he said: "What Turkey is doing in terms of immoral and inhuman practices in the areas it occupies in north and east Syria is neither legitimate nor legal, and these practices and violations that fall within the frameworks of attacks, abuses and crimes should not be legalized, the Syrian people, with all their components and ethnicities, should not remain silent about what Turkey is doing in their country of destruction, devastation, killing and extermination.”

Abdi called on Russia and America to play their role and show a clear position on Turkish policies, saying: "Just as Russia and America should play their role and show a clear position in the face of the occupying Turkish policies."

Abdi affirmed that they stand in the face of the Turkish occupation, and said: "We in the Syrian Democratic Forces will stand in the face of these policies and we will work as much as we can to repel the occupying plans. The Turkish state wants to reach the results of its plans that it has been seeking since the beginning of its invasion of Syria, but the resistance of our people in the face of the occupiers has led to unintended consequences for Turkey. We will also work from a diplomatic, political and military point of view to thwart Turkey's goals."

Abdi saluted the resistance of the displaced people of Afrin in al-Shahba canton, saying: "The people of Afrin have been resisting for four years in the face of the occupation plans, failing them, and they must continue their resistance and increase its pace.  Afrin canton had been occupied by international scheme, in our turn, we will liberate Afrin and the rest of the lands, the delay in the liberation of Afrin has its reasons, and we are working to overcome it. To liberate Afrin, we must work hard and with greater determination."

Mazloum Abdi called on the Kurdish people and all political forces to show one position, and stated: "The Kurdish people must have one position, and all Kurdish political forces should have one position. There must be one position for the political forces with the people in the face of the Turkish occupier.”



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