Mazloum Abdi: Things are going well on stopping escalation, but statements' Turkey still provocative

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, has warned against the revive of ISIS in light of the Turkish threats to launch aggression on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, Abdi described al-Hol camp as a "time bomb", which contains hundreds of mercenaries and their families. Things would go well without Turkey's provocative statements.

The US cnn network met with the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, about the so-called "buffer zone" in northeastern Syria, the extremism in al-Hol camp and how to deal with the remains of ISIS.

Abdi warned that ISIS is reviving again and called on Washington to support SDF as it seeks to prevent ISIS from re-establishing itself.

Asked if he agreed with the Pentagon Inspector General's report that ISIS is reviving itself in Syria after President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw about half of the US troops from the country, General Mazloum Abdi said: "This is our view as well."

Mazloum explained that the new ISIS insurgency has been empowered because mercenaries have some freedom of movement in areas adjacent to SDF-held areas, including the border in Iraq and places west of the Syrian-controlled Euphrates River.

On the effectiveness of US forces in the fight against ISIS mercenaries, Abdi said, "We, the coalition and the Americans were very effective, but some of the remaining US forces in Syria are busy running surveillance posts along the Syrian-Turkish border and are therefore less involved in fighting IS remnants."

"The United States must fulfill its obligations regarding the war against ISIS. Otherwise, it will hurt us and the Americans alike," Mazloum said.

Regarding ISIS mercenaries held by SDF, Mazloum said, "We are still holding them in very difficult conditions."

Mazloum described al- Hol camp as a "time bomb", saying they had received insufficient assistance from the international community in dealing with the situation and that some countries had agreed to return their nationals but had not followed up.

In his speech, Mazloum called on those countries that have ISIS in the hands of SDF to retrieve them or help form an international tribunal for them in northeastern Syria.

Abdi said "we wish to see major role to US in helping to find political solutions to the areas liberated from IS grip and, as well as providing increased military support to the SDF."

Regarding Turkish allegations and threats, Mazloum Abdi said, " SDF is not part of the fighting with Turkey."

"Turkish threats of incursion have helped sleeper cells from ISIS appear in northeastern Syria, where they will try to exploit any aggression."

"The SDF has agreed to establish a buffer zone along the Turkish border at a depth of 5 kilometers, with some parts extending to 12 kilometers (about 7 1/2 miles)," Mazloum said.

"We have shown a great deal of flexibility on our part, and we are confident that the Americans will respond to this flexibility, but Turkish provocative statements every day make it difficult to reach a solution."




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