Mazloum Abdi talks about challenges after IS' elimination

In spite of its defeat on the battlefield, but Daesh is still threating the stability in Syria according to what the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) General Mazloum Abdi wrote in an article to the American news outlet "Defense Post."

Mazloum Abdi points out, "After Daesh was overwhelmingly defeated in al-Baguz village, and after the evacuation of civilians and the surrender of hundreds of terrorists, SDF's fighters, with the participation of the International Coalition to Fight Daesh, fought strongly in the battles to eradicate Deash, declaring to the entire world the destruction of the so-called Caliphate." 

Abdi asserts that the elimination of the region and strongholds of the terrorist organization was the result of great efforts and sacrifices made by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Coalition.

"High-level coordination takes place between the two sides and their strong relations will soon put an end to the nightmare that has engulfed the entire world and transformed the region into a center of terrorist activity," he said.

Mazloum Abdi notes that the joint decisions which were taken by SDF and the International Coalition Forces have made the liberation of a city after the other possible, while there was avoidance of leaving civilian casualties through the use of precise military tactics that were under full control.

Abdi believes that the US President Donald Trump's decision to leave some US troops in Syria is crucial for the next stage of the battle against Daesh, which involves eradicating its intellectual and ideological roots and requires long-term sustained action.

Abdi points out that the US political and military leadership, as well as the members of the US Congress agree that the threat posed by IS' terrorist organization is still far from the goal of eliminating it. By keeping the US forces in the region and rearranging the US strategy, the next phase of the war against terrorism will help SDF to maintain the gains that have been achieved so far.

"We want to emphasize the role of the US Department of Defense, especially the commander of the US Central Command, Joseph Votill, in winning the battlefield against Daesh, and ensuring security and stability in the liberated areas of darkness," Abdi said.

"We recognize the important role of the former presidential envoy of the International Coalition Britt McGuck in this victory, and thank him for bringing together different countries under the banner of the International Coalition and building a bridge of cooperation between them and Syrian Democratic Forces."

Abdi said, "We must pay attention to some of the main challenges before us: the sleeper cells planted by the terrorist organization, the danger of Daesh's ability to reorganize itself by using and employing individual terrorists' tactics (individual wolves) in terrorist acts such as bombings and assassinations."

He stresses that there is also an increasing need to restore the community's cohesion, reorganize people and return them to their societies. "The areas occupied by the terrorists have turned into rubble and must be revived. The rehabilitation requires ongoing support and rehabilitation at all levels so that the citizens can return to their normal lives."

"In accordance with the UN resolutions, the continued cooperation between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the International Coalition to confront Daesh will contribute to ending the Syrian crisis," the General Mazloum Abdi said.



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