​​​​​​​Mazloum Abdi: Erdogan is responsible for all terrorist organizations, Egypt should have a bigger role

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, indicated that Erdogan is the actual guide for the Muslim Brotherhood and considers himself responsible for all the terrorist Brotherhood organizations throughout the region, praised Egypt's role towards the Turkish invasion and its movements in Libya and the region, and called for it to have a greater role in resolving Syrian crisis.

The Egyptian newspaper al-Watan held a dialogue with the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, during which he spoke about Turkey's relationship with ISIS mercenaries and its movements in the region, in addition to the Egyptian role.

ISIS story and how they entered Syria?

"At the beginning of the emergence of" ISIS "in the beginning of 2014, when the split between Jabhet al-Nusra and ISIS occurred in the Syrian territories in general, no government and opposition in Syria dared to fight against it when it was a small force that could be eliminated, and I remember Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's speech, which threatened There are all those present in Syria, and unfortunately, everyone in the Syrian government acquiesced to the threat of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and no one dared to expose to the fighters of "ISIS", and thus "ISIS" had a great opportunity and a vacuum in which it spread throughout all of Syria without fighting and when ISIS arrived in our areas here , In the areas of al-Jazeera and the regions of Kobani and other regions we confronted them and fought them bravely . "

 Turkey's position in the fight against ISIS

On Turkey's relationship with ISIS, Abdi said, "Turkey up to this moment coordinates with ISIS. It has refused to use the International Coalition for its bases in order to fight ISIS. American planes and coalition jets that were supporting our forces were coming from Kuwait because Turkey was preventing the use of its bases to fight "ISIS," and they also officially told us, "We do not want to confront (ISIS) now, and we do not want you to be the cause of a dispute between us and (ISIS)."

The main objective was to destroy the YPG, and Turkey was the one that encouraged ISIS to attack Kobani, and it required ISIS to occupy the Kobani and the entire of al-Jazeera  region, in exchange for its relations and support to continue, and to allow them to use the Turkish border, and to receive more fighters who were they come through Turkey to this region, and all foreign ISIS fighters without exception, they came through Istanbul airport and other Turkish airports, and across the Syrian border from Turkish territory, and after that we captured thousands of foreigners, including Tunisians, Moroccans, Egyptians and Americans.

Turkey is the one that used ISIS twice, the first time to eliminate the Syrian movement throughout the country, especially the movement of the People's Protection Forces, and the second time they used them as an excuse to occupy Syria, and in this way occupied Jarabulus and al-Bab, and we have evidence that Turkey is behind the development of the project of the so-called Islamic State because that serves their interests. "

He added, "According to the investigations with the ISIS leaders who are detained by SDF, they had direct coordination with the Turkish Intelligence Administration MIT, as well as coordination on the ground between the" fighters "and Turkish officers at the borders, and on the strategic level as well, there was direct coordination with the" ISIS "administration located at the border, All of them came from the border gates from the crossings officially, and we learned that there are official crossings in Jarablus through Tel-Abyed, and they were open between the two parties, and when we entered these areas, in 2015 the Turkish authorities closed these crossings.

What does Erdogan want?

On Turkey’s movements in the region, Abdi explained, “Erdogan” is the actual Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and considers himself responsible for all the terrorist Brotherhood organizations throughout the region, and tries to spread the Brotherhood’s thought before the Brotherhood controls all parts of the region. He tried in Egypt and failed That, and now in Libya, he tried in Syria and failed too, and he has a project that uses religion for him, not in favor of religion, but rather uses religion through the Muslim Brotherhood organizations, and invests other tools in implementing his project through terrorist organizations, such as the "Jabhat al-Nusra" and "ISIS" , and seeks to use it to implement his project, but unfortunately, the silence of the world towards «Erdogan practices» make him continues in its aggression

It also attempts, through the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, to restore the glories of the former Ottoman caliphate, and takes the Kurdish political movement as an excuse to carry out these operations. And when there are no Kurds, as in Libya and other regions, he can easily find arguments for his actions. If he succeeds in entering Libya, there will be other stations and other countries that enter and expand in the region. "

Egypt's role during the current and upcoming stage

On the Egyptian role, the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces said, "Indeed, during the recent Turkish invasion of Ras al-Ain and Tel -Abyad, the position of the Arab League led by Egypt was very honorable, and we thank in this regard the leadership of the League in general, and in particular President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, for his positions. Against the Turkish invasion, and his concern for the unity of the Syrian lands in general, and his statements related to the issue of the Kurdish people, it was an honorable position that we are proud of, and Egypt as a large and leading Arab country in Arab society.

Its role should be greater than what is now in the Syrian file, and this is the request of all Syrians, now the efforts made by Turkey, Iran and others in the Syrian file in general are not in the interest of the Syrian people, the existing regional states that deal with the Syrian file above all are keen on their interests and the interests of their countries and have special agendas related to it in Syria; and this is why the efforts of other regional countries currently present who dealt with this file do not help to solve the Syrian issue, these countries are not in their interest to solve the Syrian problem, they want to deepen the existing Syrian crisis to continue their agenda in Syria.

But Arab countries in general, and in particular Egypt, have an interest in solving the Syrian problem, because they have no ambitions in Syria, Egypt has no interests of it there, and historical ties, being the largest Arab state with Syria, and everyone views Egypt as a sister country for the Arab People and they hope to have a greater role in the crisis in Syria, and during the recent period we see a very positive movement from the Egyptian state. "

"We are waiting for Egypt to play its role in two tracks for a political solution in Syria, to put its weight on the international track in the international negotiations that are taking place now between guarantor countries or regional powers and international powers, which oversee the Syrian file, and for Egypt to have a greater role.

That means that you place your confidence in order that there will be representatives of the northeastern region of Syria within these discussions, as well as playing its role also in the path of a national solution to the solution between the Syrians themselves. Egypt can play the role of mediator, there is now a kind of discussion or communication between us and the Syria administration, and between the central government in Damascus, that Egypt can play the role of mediator, as it has confidence in both parties in order to reach a formula acceptable to both parties, or that it plays its role in developing these discussions, to reach the desired result.



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