Mazloum Abdi does not believe that Syria will return as it was in 2011

​​​​​​​SDF Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi said he believed the situation in Syria could not return to the way it was in 2011, and that Autonomous Administration had become a realistic project.

SDF Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi spoke to Al-Arabiya NET "I don't think the country can go back to the way it was in 2011, and within this balance, there is a big and pioneering role for the Kurds and other Syrian components".

Rights as much as sacrifices that had been achieved and AA has become a reality.

On the negotiations between the SDF and the Syrian regime, Abdi explained that "rights are as much as sacrifices and positions, and what the components of our people have provided are no less than what any other people have done in defense of their country, so what we are asking for is a legitimate right of DAA."

"The military approach cannot bring with it solutions and proof of this in recent years, so we hope that there will be no military solutions," he said.

As he mentioned "the autonyms administration has become a realistic project that cannot be eliminated, and without looking at this project realistically, the solution cannot be achieved in Syria".

He said "The need lies in addressing the tragedy of Syrians by working for democratic change in the country, in accordance with measures that do not threaten or pose a threat to Syria or its people".

The negotiations abroad are the understandings of countries on behalf of the Syrians and their results appear in Idlib

On meetings held abroad on the Syrian crisis, Abdi pointed out that "all attempts to resolve the Syrian situation and the negotiations that took place over the past years in the absence of representatives of the AA have not yet achieved any results that can meet the needs of the Syrians, those negotiations were "The understandings of countries on behalf of the Syrians are showing results in Idlib."

He proceeded "We are talking practically, for example, the Constitutional Committee contradicts UN Resolution 2,254, it does not represent all Syrians and this is a mistake, there must be inclusion for all without exception, so we say a Syrian solution, a Syrian constitution, and Syrian negotiations".


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