Matini: Başûr government must to clarify its position of Turkish attacks

 Narin Matini called on the political forces in Başûr to take a clear stand against the Turkish aggression, stressing that Turkey wants to annihilate the Kurds.

Turkish occupation has been launching brutal attacks on Başûr Kurdistan since two months by using warplanes and heavy weapons, amid silence of Başûr government and Iraqi federal government.

The head of the Kurdistan Future Movement, Narin Matini, explained that the Turkish regime's policy is based on the enmity of the Kurdish people since ancient times and pointed out the need for the Kurdish parties to clarify their positions on the Turkish aggression against the Kurds. "Turkey is launching attacks on Başûr Kurdistan and the Kurdish parties to express frank positions on these attacks."

Turkey wants to exterminate the Kurds

Narin Mitini stressed the need for the Kurdish parties to cut their relations with Turkey, which is hostile to the presence of Kurds. "Turkey refuses to the Kurds to set up a tent and live under its shadow, Turkey wants to exterminate, displace and obliterate the existence of the Kurdish people, and its practices are hard proof of that," she said.



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