Massive participation, various events at human shields tents in Serê Kaniyê

After the Turkish occupation launched its threats to invade the areas of northern and eastern Syria, the reactions of the people of all parts of the region came out with a categorical rejection of the threats, expressing the organization of many events such as setting up tents and standing as human shields on the border strip adjacent to their areas such as "Kobani, Girê Spi / Tal Abyad, Serê Kaniyê and more recently in the city of al-Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor."

The sit-in tent in Serê Kaniyê has witnessed massive participation as thousands of people in al-Jazeera canton, making their bodies live shields, to protect their areas and their gains, and to support their military forces that liberated them from the oppression of ISIS mercenaries and other mercenary groups.

Thousands of people participate in human shields tents

28 delegations from political parties and members of all civil and military centers and institutions and thousands of people from the regions and cities of al-Hasakah and Qamishlo cantons have participated in Serê Kaniyê sit-in tents on the border on the eighth of this month, which lasted 19 days in a row, expressing their unified position for public opinion, affirming their support alongside SDF.

Revolutionary songs with different voices raise the pace of resistance off the Turkish border

Dozens of singing bands from different parts of al-Hasakah and Qamishlo cantons have participated in the human shields to support the protesters and the resistance, and raise their morale with their revolutionary voices and songs.

In the echo of their revolutionary voices and songs, the audience danced Dabka amid slogans denouncing Turkish threats.

Participants protect themselves by rotating the guard

The people of the regions and cities of al-Hasakah and Qamishlo districts participated not only in the sit-in, but also organized many events, and went out day and night, the young and the elderly, men and women, in guard shifts and inspection patrols, despite the high temperature, in order to protect the protesters and participants on the border against any external or internal threat that may target protesters and human shields.

Dozens of banners opposite the border

Dozens of banners were also held opposite the border. "No to the Turkish occupation of northern and eastern Syria,", “We reject and condemn Erdogan fascist threats to northern and eastern Syria," the participants vowed that our land would become a graveyard for invaders. In addition to raising pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, the flags of political parties, and recently installed at the center of the sit-in square opposite the Turkish flag, large flags of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the People’s Democratic Forces, and the Women’s Protection Units and the Democratic Society Movement.

The signs of victory have always been raised

Through the participation of the people of the regions and cities of al-Hasakah canton in the tent of human shields, they were standing under the flags raised at the center of the sit-in yard and standing opposite the Turkish border and raised their fingers with signs of victory and their throats chanted revolutionary slogans that salute the residence and salute the Syrian Democratic Forces, and chants condemning the threats of the Turkish occupation.

The message of resistance of the people is continuing, calling for raising the pace of the struggle

The people of the north and east of Syria in all its components confirmed the continuation of the struggle and the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the adherence to the principle of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples who followed the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, pledging to face all threats against their safe areas, during the last day of the sit-in concluded yesterday Monday.




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