​​​​​​​Massive denunciation of raping ten-year-old girl in occupied Afrin 

Women's organizations and committees for the protection of children's rights in North and East Syria condemned the rape of a child by a leader of the Turkish occupation mercenaries, amid their calls on human rights organizations to break their silence and move to stop what is being committed against women and children in the occupied areas and to end the occupation.

Condemning this crime, women's organizations and the Committee for the Rights of the Child in North and East Syria made a series of statements calling for an end to the Turkish occupation of Afrin and for it to be held accountable for its crimes in the region.

The women's offices in the Religious Institution at the Democratic Islam Conference in Aleppo and Manbij confirmed in their statement that "the crime committed against a ten-year-old girl in the occupied city of Afrin by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation is evidence of the barbaric thought that contradicts the teachings of Islam and has nothing to do with Islam."

They pointed out that the” world is turning blind an eye about what is happening in Afrin to all the crimes committed against children and women. Where are you from this heinous crime? Where are you from the oppression and injustice suffered by the children of Afrin."

For its part, the Kongra Star in the Euphrates region condemned this crime of rape, and confirmed, in a statement it made today, that it is a crime against humanity. "It is one of the crimes of kidnapping and raping women and children in the occupied areas, especially in occupied Afrin," it explained.

Kongra Star, called on human rights organizations, in particular the Children's Rights Organization, not to remain silent about these crimes and to put an end to them and stop them.

In the context, the Schlier Committee for Child Protection in Qamishlo canton, al-Shahba region and Afrin made a joint statement, condemning the crime of rape of the 10-year-old girl by a leader of the Turkish occupation mercenaries.

The statement stated that this is not the first crime committed in the occupied areas, explaining that since Turkey and its mercenaries occupied Afrin in 2018, it has been launching attacks against women and children in various ways.

Kongra Star pointed out in its statement that the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries prevent media institutions from entering the region, saying: "Because of this, many crimes are committed in those areas, but they are not disclosed or announced."

He condemned the brutal practices and the silence of international institutions towards these crimes, calling at the same time on human rights organizations to break their silence, stop these crimes, and hold the occupation accountable.

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