Mass grave for Kurds found by Iraqi authorities

Iraqi authorities have found a mass grave for Kurdish people killed by the regime of Saddam Hussein in the Anfal massacres of the late 1980s.

"The mass grave, recently found in a desert area some 170 km (240 miles) west of the city of Samawa, contains the remains of dozens of Kurds exterminated by Saddam's forces," the Iraqi president's office said.

The victims are about 180,000 killed by the Iraqi Baathist regime during the Anfal massacres that targeted the Kurds in Iraq.

Iraqi President Barham Salih on Sunday attended the unveiling of the Kurdish mass grave. Saleh said his country should never forget the crimes committed by Saddam Hussein and Saddam's Baath party at a news conference at the mas grave site.

Salih added, "This crime is a war crime and a crime of genocide against the Kurdish people and the racist regime considered them a danger to their control and authority, they also committed crimes against our people in the south and in the center, because they wanted to live a free and dignified life ".

A Shiite majority lives in the southern provinces of Iraq, and the Shiites also suffered repression and mass killings under Saddam's regime.



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