Mass demonstration in al-Shahba canton demands lifting isolation on Ocalan

Hundreds of residents of Afrin and al-Shahba districts participated in a mass demonstration in al-Shahba canton denouncing the isolation imposed on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The demonstration began in front of the Avrin Hospital in the town of Fafin, reaching Barkhwadan camp in al-Shahba canton, in the midst of wanting slogans greeting the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and a request to lift the isolation.

When the demonstrators arrived at Barkhwadan camp, they stood for a minute of silence, then a member of the Kongra Star, Wahida Khalil, delivered a speech in which she said: "The Turkish occupation is launching its attacks on northern and eastern Syria and Kurdistan to break the will of the Kurdish people, the people who have struggled and are still struggling to obtain their freedom and the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

Wahida continued by saying: "The Kurdish people who followed the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan will not accept, and resist against all attacks."

Member of the Free Women’s Council in al-Shahba, Oufiya Bakr, delivered a speech denouncing the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan, and added: “Women of Afrin and al-Shahba reject categorically plots that are hatched against the leader and freedom of women. From this platform we call on the international organizations and human rights in the world to lift the isolation imposed on the leader of peoples.

The demonstration ended with chanting slogans calling for an end to the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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