Martyrs' shrines witnesses trees planting,lit candles in Al-Shahba canton

On Martyrs Day, the Council of  the Martyrs Families in Afrin canton decorated martyrs' shrines in Al-Shahba canton with ornamental trees and lit candles on the shrines.

Martyrs' Day falls on Sunday on May 18th.

Trees were planted at the Martyrs' Shrine of Tel Rifaat massacre perpetrated by the Turkish occupation army in December 2019 when a gathering of primary school students were bombed in the town of Tel Rifaat, killing 10 civilians, including 8 children.

Trees were also planted in the shrine of the martyrs of the Aqiba massacre where 3 members of one family were martyred, and the ambulance teams were unable to reach the destroyed building due to the Turkish bombing on the village situated in Sherawa district in the occupied canton of Afrin.

The 3 martyrs died under the rubble of the destroyed house throughout the night in early 2020.

In the same context, the Council of Martyrs' Families lit candles on the shrines of martyrs in the Shrine of the  Age Resistance martyrs in the direction of Ihssar and the shrine of the martyrs of the massacre of Tal Rifaat and the Aqiba massacre.

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