Martyrs' mothers: Ocalan woke us from our negligence, isolation imposed on him must be lifted

Martyrs' mothers in Afrin canton denounced an intensive isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan and stressed the need to lift the isolation from the leader who liberated us by his idea and philosophy of oppressed peoples.

After 8 years, the lawyers and the family of leader Ocalan were able to meet him on the 2nd of May, the 22nd of May, the 12th of June, the 18th of June, and the last meeting was on the 7th of August 2019, and since that date until now it has not allowed Turkish authorities for the lawyers met with leader Abdullah Ocalan, and accordingly martyrs' mothers in Afrin canton expressed their refusal to isolation.

Citizen Amina Qallaq, the mother of the martyr Daliar Afrin, who was martyred in the the battle of Dignity Resistance, said that "leader Abdullah Ocalan, with his thought and philosophy, could wake us from our negligence, and save us from non-existence, genocide, and massacres."

Amina Qallaq called on the Turkish government to lift the isolation from leader Abdullah Ocalan and pledged to continue their resistance in the face of the occupation.

As for the mother of the martyr Enkezak Haroun, who was martyred in the mountains of the legitimate defense areas, Khadija Allo said that "the solution to the crisis in Syria is linked to the liberation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, but the conspiratorial countries do not want to solve the crisis but want to complicate it more."

And she continued by saying: "The tyrant states do not want to find solutions to crises and wanted to tighten isolation and increase conspiracies against

peoples of the region, as they did in Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê


In her turn, the mother of the martyr Jan Khor Asia, condemned the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan and said: “The leader Abdullah Ocalan thought of the humanity, liberates the oppressed peoples, and we demand the Turkish government to allow the lawyers to meet with the leader like the rest of the detainees.”



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