Martyrs' families : We to fight alongside our military troops against Turkish aggression

 The martyrs' families in al-Darbasiyah district affirmed that they would not allow Turkey and its mercenaries to occupy their lands.

The Turkish occupation threatens from time to time to launch the attack on the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and in this period it increased its movements on the border and the mobilization of its military forces in areas near the border cities in the regions of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates.

In this context, ANHA agency met a number of families of martyrs in the area of ​​Darbasiyah district of al-Hasakah canton in northern Syria.

"We have sacrificed many of our youth to get rid of the oppressors and the mercenaries in the region, and today we are ready to sacrifice again to protect our land from any threat, especially Turkish occupation,"Merdiya Khalil the wife of martyr Ramadan said.

She stressed that they as the peoples of the region are ready to resist any threat and any interventions that threaten the security of their regions, and target their democratic project.

"We do not allow the Turkish occupation state to occupy our areas because we will be shields and fight alongside our military forces. We are confident that we will win because we also resisted the mercenaries of Daesh," Issa Mirzo, the father of Martyr Behlewan said.

For her part, Adla Mesto the sister of Martyr Hamid stressed that all the peoples of the region stand united against any threats of Turkey trying to destabilize the security and stability of the region, "We will all stand together with all components coexisting in the north and east of Syria and we will fight together and martyred together."



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