Martyrs' Families: We support hunger strikers

The Martyrs Families Council in the area of Srin expressed support for the hunger strikers in and out of Turkish prisons, and stressed that their struggle will continue until the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan ended in full.

The Martyrs Families Council in the area of Srin issued a statement to the public opinion, in which it announced its support for the hunger strikers in and outside Turkish prisons who are demanding the lifting of the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan. They stressed that one meeting of the lawyers with Ocalan is insufficient, and the struggle is to continue until lifting the isolation on the Abdullah Ocalan.

The Martyrs Families Council's co-chair in the area of Srin, Amal Mustafa read the statement in the presence of dozens of people of the area and members of the institutions, along with dozens of relatives of the martyrs.

Amal saluted the hunger strikers in the battle of fast to death, and denounced the dictatorship of the Turkish regime, and appealed to human rights organizations to intervene and break their silence towards what the Turkish regime does.

In the statement, Amal asked why the international community has been silent about the isolation imposed on Ocalan since 2011, and the Turkish violations in Afrin and elsewhere.

She said, "Turkey is carrying out abuses inside prisons and outside its borders as in Afrin, but we will continue our struggle until we release Ocalan and support the hunger strikers until they meet their demands.

Amal stressed that the thought and philosophy of Ocalan and the project of the democratic nation that he put forward is the solution to eliminate dictatorship and injustice.

The statement ended with slogans saluting the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the hunger strikers and glorifying martyrs.




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