Martyrs' families … Turkish threats target all Kurdish component

The families of the martyrs in the district of ​​Tal Tamr described the Kurdish-Kurdish agreement as a "historic and blessed step", and pointed out that the threats of the Turkish state do not target a specific party but all the Kurdish people, and called on all parties and military forces to start the second stage in order to address the Turkish occupation.

This Kurdish rapprochement sparked a great debate between the regional countries and the opposition forces, foremost of which is the Turkish occupation state that started threatening the Kurdish National Council "ENKS" by its Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who confirmed through his threats that the council would be a target for the Turkish state in case it agreed with the Kurdish parties in Rojava, in addition to taking it out from the Syrian coalition.

In connection with these threats, Hawar news agency ANHA conducted several meetings with the families of the martyrs in the Tel Tamer district of al-Hasakah canton, to highlight the importance of the Kurdish unity in the current situation and the impact of the Turkish state's threats to the Kurdish National Council "ENKS".

Idris Nemo, sibling of the two martyrs, “Sarhad and Dmehat”, described the agreement which is signed between the Kurdish parties for the first stage as “a historic and blessed step.” He said, “It came 9 years after the outbreak of the war in Syria in general and the revolution of Rojava in particular. The people faced many obstacles and bloody wars."

Nemo indicated that the wars in the north and east of Syria led to more than 12 thousand martyrs and 25 wounded, and he continued, "The recent negotiations that took place between the Kurdish parties and their solidarity come in the service of the blood of the martyrs, therefore the Kurdish parties must fully work to reach an agreement that preserves the martyrs' sacrifices and the wounded.

For her part, Haddah Abdel Wahab, wife of the martyr "Sarhad", said that "thanks to the blood of the martyrs, we have reached this stage, and that the recent agreement between the political parties will have great positives on the peoples of the region through its unity and solidarity."

As for Salah Muhammad, sibling of the martyr "Azad", he stated that the Turkish occupation fights the Kurdish people from ancient times until the present time, and its threats are not limited to the Kurdish people, but rather threaten all the peoples of the region.



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