​​​​​​​Martyrs' families: SNA must be classified on terrorism lists

​​​​​​​Martyrs' families in al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo city demand to classify of the so-called Syrian National Army on the international terrorism lists.

What the so-called of the Syrian National Army that are linked of Turkish occupation that mercenary's gangs which participated in the attacks on al-Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in February, 2016, including chemical weapons attacks, left behind killing thousands of civilians

Political and women's organizations in North and East Syria have demanded to classify what so-called of Syrian National Army on terrorism lists, after committing horrible war crimes during the attacks on NE, Syria since last October.

The citizen Ramzia Salih stressed that Syrian National Army must be held accountable, and classifying them in terrorism lists saying" SNA follows the path of Daesh and commit atrocities practices such as looting, stealing, kidnapping and destroying the sacred places, not to mention trafficking of the human organs."

And the most horrible crimes which occurred that is the assassination of the the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf, and mutilation of the corpse the fighter in YPJ's rank Amara.

And Hamid Mustafa demand to hold accountable what so-called of the Syrian National Army

And Yasser mamo accused the Turkish state the responsibility of what the mercenaries are committing saying "since the beginning of the Syrian revolution the president of Justice and Development supports the mercenaries of ISIS and Jebhet al-Nusra under the name of the Syrian National Army who working hard to destabilization the security and stability in all Syria territories



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