Martyrs' families: SDF is able to repel any possible attack

Martyrs' families in Tirbespiyê district have stressed that they are confident in SDF's fighters to deter any possible Turkish attack on north and east of Syria.

Turkish threats are still continued to occupy north and east of Syria and reactions increased against of the Turkish escalation.

In this context, the number of martyrs' families stressed that their choice is resistance, and they put their full confidence in the SDF and YPG, YPJ.

SDF is able to confront any possible attack.

Hadiya Mohammed, the mother of the martyr Dilovan who was martyred during the campaign to liberate Tel- Hamis from ISIS mercenaries, confirmed that SDF and YPG, YPJ were capable of breaking any attack. Just as you have defeated ISIS mercenaries, it will defeat anyone who tries to occupy our areas. "

Erdogan's goal is to end the existence of the Kurds wherever they are,

Suleiman Suleiman, father of the two martyrs Kheir al-Din and Nasr al-Din Rustom, who was martyred during their struggle within the ranks of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, showed that Erdogan aims to destroy their areas. He said: "As he did in Kobani and Şengal through ISIS mercenaries, and in Afrin through his military arsenal, Erdogan's goal is to end the presence of the Kurds wherever they are."

The mother of Martyr Mayar, who was martyred during the liberation campaign of al-Tabqa, Amina al-Awwad explained that they made a lot of sacrifices in order to defeat terrorism and liberate the homeland, and continue to choose the resistance against Turkey or any other party trying to occupy their land that was watered with the blood of their children.



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