​​​​​​​Martyrs families of Age Resistance light their sons shrines

Council of Martyrs Families, Afrin canton, visited in the memory of martyrs of the Age Resistance and on the anniversary of the Turkish attack on Afrin, the shrines of the martyrs sons in Al Shahba, they lit candles.

On the second anniversary of the Turkish invasion and occupation of Afrin, and in the memory of  the resistance martyrs who defended their land and people in the face of the war machine and the advanced destroying of the Turkish occupation, tens members and administrators of the Council of  Martyr Families arrived in  the shrine of the martyrs of the Age Resistance in Ahirs district, Al-Shahba canton, and they lit candles on  the shrines of their children, who sacrificed their blood  to defend their land and dignity in the face of the Turkish invasion.



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