Martyrs' families: Destruction of martyrs' shrines will not undermine our will

Martyrs' families in Tell Rifaat district in al-Shahba canton appealed from the human organizations to intervene quickly to put an end of the Turkish attacks on martyrs' shrines in north Kurdistan.

Several areas in north Kurdistan witnessed to destroy martyrs' shrines by Turkish occupation, that raised resentment of the residents and martyrs' families in different areas in north and east of Syria.

Jamal Hassani of the Arab component from Janders district, condemned the attacks of the Turkish occupation army, and said in this regard: "I decry and denounce the criminal actions carried out by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries who brought them from all sides, and the destruction of the graves of martyrs at a time when the entire world was occupied with the coronavirus ".

For her part, Alifah Dado, the martyr's mother Ammara, condemned the Turkish occupation army for destroying the martyrs' shrines in Afrin canton and the repetition the same scenario in Bakur Kurdistan, and said: "We condemn the violations of the fascist Erdogan. We Kurds have the right, therefore the countries that claim humanity must put an end to the Turkish Occupation. It violates all international and humanitarian laws. "

In his turn, Citizen Ali Muhammad rejected the sabotage and destruction of the martyrs' shrines of the Turkish state, and stressed the continuation of steadfastness against these violations, atrocities, and we will continue the struggle in the footsteps of the martyrs."

Muhammad appealed to human rights organizations and the United Nations to intervene quickly to stop the Turkish violations in Bakur Kurdistan and hold them accountable for these heinous acts.



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