Martyrs Families' Council decry Turkish attacks on martyrs' shrines

Martyrs Families' Council in Dêrik district condemned the Turkish occupation forces ’bombing on martyrs' shrines.

Dozens of members of the Martyrs Families' Council gathered in Dêrik in front of the Center for the Martyrs Families Council Foundation, to condemn the Turkish bombing on martyrs' shrines.

During the gathering, the statement issued by Martyrs Families' Council in Al-Jazeera region was delivered by a member of the Council, Mahmoud Rasool, and it stated:

"The Turkish fascism led by the Justice and Development Party is still practicing the most brutal crimes against humanity and nature, and denying the legitimate rights of our people and aspirations towards building a homeland in which its people live with their identity and dignity, therefore the enemy of humanity is AKP which committed horrible crimes in the inhuman dealing, where we did not find in History is a dirtier model than this fascist regime, in which it was reported that it destroys martyrs' shrines, as it did previously in several cities in north Kurdistan and the occupied Afrin, and today it repeats these methods in all parts of our dear homeland. "

The statement appealed to "all human rights organizations, civil society, lovers of democracy and peace, and the friends of the oppressed people in the world to intervene to stop such inhuman practices against our values ​​and our sanctities, and we all hope at this stage that these organizations will fulfill their moral duty to expose the policies of the AK Party against the will of our Kurdistan people."



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