​​​​​​​Martyr Hamid laid to rest in Al-Derbasiye

The body of the martyr Hamid laid to rest in Al-Darbasiya.  Today, the body of the martyr in the forces of anti-terrorism units Zahradin Ossi (Hamid) laid to his final resting place at the shrine of martyr Rustam Jodi.

In compliance with the circulars of by the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria and the curfew conditions in the region and the prohibition of gatherings, the ceremony of martyr Zahradin Ossi will only be attended by his family and the Council of the Martyrs' Families and his companions.

The body of the Martyr Zahradin Ossi, who was martyred while on duty in the Al-Darbasiya district, was buried in the shrine of Martyr Rustam Jodi in the village of Berkfari.

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