Martyr Beritan becomes model for struggle against plans of modern capitalism 

Today, dozens of people of Al-Darbasiyah district recalled the fighter martyr Beritan Hevi on her 28th anniversary, stressing that she was not only a militant, but also paved the way for struggle against the plans of the modern capitalism during a statement.

Today, the Kongra Star Coordination, (KSC) with the participation of dozens of people in the Al-Darbasiyah district and members of the civil and military institutions. The martyr fighter Gulnaz Qarah Tash, the nom de guerre, Beritan Hevi, who was martyred on October 25 in Khwakurk district in 1992 in Başur, during a statement read by the member of the KSC Amara Othman at the martyr Rustem Judi shrine in the village of Barkefry.

And the text of the statement read:

In the remembrance of the martyr Beritan, we recall all the freedom martyrs and bow in reverence and honor before their holy souls.”

Amara pointed out: “Resistance of the martyrs, enabled people to move toward freedom and dignity. Their sacrifices light the flame of freedom in order to illuminate the path of all peoples.”

Amara pointed out: “The Women's Protection Units, (YPJ) played a major role in confronting male power in protecting society and women. That is why the martyr Beritan is not only a symbol of women's struggle, but she was fighting for a free life and opened way to fight the plans of the modern capitalism.”

Othman’s Emirate renewed the covenant: “ We promise to go on the path of martyr Beritan and her fellow strugglers till realizing a free and dignified life.”

Then the statement concluded by chanting slogans that condemn treason and salute the resistance of women and the leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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