March of Revolutionary Youths to support SDF

Hundreds of Syrian National Revolutionary Youths in Girkê Legê went out to support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and denounce the demographic change in north and east Syria.

Hundreds of the Syrian National Revolutionary Youths gathered at Xabat Square in Girkê Legê to condemn the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, the change of the demography of the area, and to support the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The march toured through the main street in Girkê Legê, amid the slogans that saluted the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the People Protection Units (YPG) and the Women Protection Units (YPJ).

The participant youths held the torches, the Youth flags and the martyrs’ pictures, amid chanting the slogans that saluted SDF.

The youths headed towards Baz Institution of Kurdish Language in Rumailan, and the march was turned into a mass gathering. After standing a minute of silence, the administrative member in Çilaxa Faisal al-Saleh delivered a speech and said, “The democratic nation philosophy unified the peoples in equality and justice without discrimination.”

Al-Saleh continued, “SDF represent all the peoples of the area because they defended the peoples and components’ dignity and freedom, and eliminated ISIS, so we, the youths, pledge the martyrs’ families to follow the martyrs footsteps and support SDF.”

The march ended with chanting the slogans that saluted SDF and glorified the martyrs greatness.


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