March in Derik commemorating July 14th martyrs, condemning Turkish attacks

Hundreds of people from Derik and its countryside  went out in a march to commemorate the martyrs of July 14th Resistance , and in condemnation of the Turkish occupation attacks on the legitimate defense zones and all of Kurdistan.

Hundreds of Derik residents, civil society institutions, the Kongra Star and Revolutionary Youth and the Young Women Union arrived in Azadi Square to participate in the march to commemorate the martyrs of July 14th Resistance and their resistance to the practices of the Turkish occupation against the prisoners.

The march started from the square, passing through the streets of the city of Derik, chanting slogans that glorify and salute the martyrs, and condemn the brutality and brutal bombing of the Turkish state on the populated villages in Başûr, northern and eastern Syria and the legitimate defense zones, and raising Kurdish flags.

Then, the demonstrators went to the Martyrs Square, and they held a minute of silence, followed by a speech delivered in the name of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) by Mutee Omar, in which he said: "In the person of the July 14th martyrs, we remember all the martyrs of freedom, and pledge to follow their footsteps until the liberation of Kurdistan from the colonists and that historic resistance shown by Ali Çîçek, Kamal Bir, Muhammad Khairy Dormoush, Akef Yilmaz has become today a beacon for all the peoples of the region, and on their path, tremendous achievements will be made throughout Kurdistan."

Mutee also noted: "The Turkish occupation is trying in various ways to extinguish the light of freedom in Kurdistan and the Middle East, but by the peoples' resisting and joining together, all the conspiracies of the Turkish occupation against Kurdistan are foiled every time."

Then Mutee concluded his speech by saying: "All peoples in northern and eastern Syria and Kurdistan must escalate their struggle against fascism which today attacks the legitimate defense zones, and despite that, the students of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan record bravery epics."

Then the demonstration ended with chanting slogans that salute peoples' resistance to the Turkish occupation and glorify martyrdom and martyrs.


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