March in Amouda to condemn violence practiced on women

Kongra Star organized a mass march in Amouda district to condemn the massacre practiced against the women.  

Participated in the march which started from the Women's Free Roundabout in Amouda district, which was called by Kongra Star in Amouda, Sara Organization Against Violence Against Women and Women's Protection Unit fighters.

The march was organized in the context of the practice of some men of authoritarian killing and violence against women in several areas within the territory of al-Jazeera the most recent in the city of Qamishlo last month.

The participants raised the photos of Leyla Guven, and the flags of SDF, YPG, YPJ and Kongra Star and the photos of the leader Ocalan.

The women toured the mean streets and chanted the slogans which condemned the violence practiced against the women.

Member of Kongra Star Berîvan Shekhi delivered a speech and said," Women have been and continue to be victims of the masculine mind imposed on societies, which have their roots for thousands of years throughout history. The pretext of killing women under the pretext of honor, customs and traditions so that women are deprived of their rights."

She pointed out that such crimes are the most violent of all, and must be condemned by all segments of society, a blatant violation of the right to life."



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