Maqso: Time is right to achieve national unity

Abboud Maqso, the co-chair of the Intellectuals Union in al-Jazeera region explained that time is right to achieve the national unity, and the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan need the unity of the rank. He said: "The leader Abdullah Ocalan stresses the need to unify the Kurdish mind, put it in the service of the Kurdish people and cause, and not to put it in the service of enemies."

The Kurdish people in Rojava hope that the meetings held among the Kurdish social and political forces and movements will bring positive results that will achieve unity.

The Co-chair of the Intellectuals Union in al-Jazeera region Abboud Maqso noted that the stage that Rojava is going through after the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi and the appeal of the Kurdish people is conducive to achieving unity of the Kurdish rank. He said: “All political parties must achive this step becuase they are forces to achieve rapprochement, and this is required, whether by the Kurdish National Council, the Democratic Union Party, or other political parties.”

Maqso explained that the parties that evade the national unity are far from patriotism and the revolutionary spirit and far from their nationality, and he said: “There are two ways: the first is surrender which falls in the category of enemies, and the second is the path of resistance which is taken by those who bring existence to the field.”

He explained that the Kurdish people defended, struggled and achieved gains thanks to the blood of their children, and those gains must be protected through the unity of the rank, and he said: “The Kurdish people no longer accept this situation, and no longer accept the dispersion of political parties, so the Kurdish parties must be pressured by all categories of society.”

He also clarified that the Kurdish people in the four parts need unity, and there are Kurdish leaders who can play an important role in this field, especially in Başûr of Kurdistan, and he said: “Masoud Barzani has a role in this field, and he must play his role because the historical records everything,” showing that the Kurdish National Council is linked to it.

Maqso continued: “The Kurdish people and troops in Bakur and Rojhilat Kurdistan can play an important role in the unity of the Kurdish rank as well.”

Maqso noted that the parties and forces that evade the national unity will be dissolved and burned within the Kurdish community, and he said: “Therefore, the Kurdish parties are required to achieve consensus in accordance with the visions and demands of society.”

Establishing a common Kurdish mind contributes to building a common Kurdish umbrella

Maqso explained that the Kurdish people did not distinguish between his enemy and his friend, and he made it clear that the Leader Abdullah Ocalan showed the truth of everything, the truth of the enemy and the friend, drew attention to the statements and directions of the Leader Abdullah Ocalan about the Kurdish people, and indicated that he recently spoke about the Kurdish mind. He said: “The leader calls for the necessity to unify the Kurdish mind and place it at the service of the Kurdish people and issue, and not to place it at the service of enemies.”

Maqso drew attention to the fact that Leader Abdullah Ocalan, with his ideas, enlightened the path for the Kurdish people and demonstrated the reality of the enemy, and the isolation imposed on him by the Turkish authorities is to strangle the Kurdish people and is tantamount to capturing freedom, democracy and peace.

Maqso emphasized that the Turkish occupation state is an enemy country and continues to implement its schemes, whether in Afrin, or Girê Spî, or Zîna Wartê, or Hewler, or in Sulaimaniyah, and it will not stop and will continue its brutality and barbarism against the Kurdish people, and he said: “So the Kurdish people must realize Turkey's reality well.”

The Co-chair of the Intellectuals Union in al-Jazeera region Abboud Maqso stressed that the Kurdish-Kurdish fighting is a red line, and he said: “As Kurdish leaders Abdullah Ocalan, Masoud Barzani, and the late Jalal Talabani said, the Kurdish forces must be vigilant to the schemes that are being hatched, and not be a reason for wasting the Kurdish blood at Kurdish hands, and problems can be solved through dialogue and strengthening relations.”


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