​​​​​​​Manbij people commemorated February martyrs

The people of Manbij city commemorated the martyrs of February during a ceremony held at the martyrs' shrine south of the city.

The Martyrs' Families Council recalled 33 martyrs of February in the presence of members of the military and civil institutions, in addition to dozens of martyrs’ families in Manbij.

The memorial ceremony began with holding a minute of silence, and then the joint head of the Martyrs' Families Council Mahmoud al-Eido gave a speech in the name of the council in which he said: "On this blessed day, we commemorate our martyrs, February martyrs. It is a day of pride. We also commemorate all the martyrs who were martyred. Our martyrs are light flares. There are no words that describe their greatness. They are the ones who recorded the most amazing tournaments in sacrifice."

For his part, the leader of Manbij Military Council Mahmoud Ibrahim said in a speech on behalf of the council: "We are proud of every drop of the blood of our righteous martyrs who watered the homeland with their blood. Thanks to their blood, terrorism was defeated. We will not give up an inch of the land liberated by our martyrs with their pure blood."

Then the audience lit candles at the martyrs’ tombs, pledging that they would continue their footsteps to free every inch of the homeland.



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