Manbij people bid farewell martyr Ali Haron's corpse

In a solemn ceremony, Manbij people bid farewell the martyr Ali Haron's corpse, the fighter in MMC.

The people received the corpse of the martyr from Al-Furat Hospital heading with a solemn convey toward the Martyrs' Shrine raising the photos of the martyr chanting the slogans which glorify the martyrs. 

The funeral ceremony started by holding a minute of silence in conjunction with performing a military parade. 

Many speeches were delivered in the ceremony one of which is the speech of the commander in MMC(Manbij Military Council) delivered by Ibrahim al-Hemdan in which he offered the condolences to the comrades of the martyr and his families saying," we pay tribute and offer the condolences to all the martyr's families, the martyr performed his duties till last day of his life to liberate his lands from the terrorism, we also pledge the martyr to continue the struggle on the martyrs' path to maintain the gains achieved by them and we pledge to confront all the threats target all the security and stability of our lands and our people." 

The martyr's record was read and was handed over to his families.



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