​​​​​​​Makhmour resistance forces Iraqi forces to withdraw from the camp's vicinity - updated

The People's Democratic Council of Makhmour camp announced the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from the camp's vicinity and the end of the protest tent's activity. It said in a statement: "Besieging the camp was the goal of the Turkish state and the PDK, and they intended to do it with Iraqi hands. No force or attack can defeat the will of the camp's people."

Since May 20, the Iraqi army has been trying to dig trenches, build fences and build towers around the camp of Martyr Rustam Judy (Makhmur). From the first day until now, that is, within 16 days, Makhmour refugees have stood against these attempts, and they have resisted these attempts day and night.

Numerous meetings were held with the Iraqi authorities by the Diplomatic Committee and the People's Assembly in Makhmour. As a result of these meetings, an agreement was reached and the Iraqi soldiers withdrew from the vicinity of the camp, and the people of Makhmur ended their protest.

The statement was read at the Martyrs' Families Foundation by the co-chair of the People's Assembly in Makhmour, Youssef Kaya.

The text of the statement read:

Our people have been resisting the siege of Iraq for 16 days. This attempt to surround the camp has not been valid since today. It has been going on for two years and the attempts are continuing. Because they wanted to besiege us in 2021. This siege was done under pressure from the Turkish state and local forces like Mulla Barzan. These attempts are part of the conspiracies of the Turkish state. The Turkish state and the Kurdistan Democratic Party want to destroy the Makhmour camp. This is why they are putting more pressure on Iraq. So far, as a camp, we haven't broken any laws in Iraq. Iraq knows this too. We have repeatedly expressed in our meetings that they should not follow the aspirations and ambitions of the Turkish state and the KDP, and not besiege us. On the 20th of this month, they wanted to surround us with a fence and dig trenches, and surrounded the camp with armored cars and weapons. In this regard, our people showed their resistance to Iraq as usual.

We have held many meetings on this subject and the last meeting we held in Baghdad. As a result of the meetings, an agreement was reached through dialogues. Iraq withdrew its additional forces that had come to besiege the camp, and we stopped our democratic activities such as the activities of the tents. But let everyone know that when there is an attack on the camp and they want to impose their authority on the will of the people of Makhmour, they will see the struggle and resistance of the people of the camp. We know that this blockade is at the will of the Turkish state and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and they wanted to implement it with the help of Iraq. From the first day until now, we have wanted to solve this issue through dialogue, and that has happened.

As the people of Makhmour, we thank all the institutions, parties, and people who stood by us. Makhmour is a model of resistance, and the Kurds must build their unity in every issue.”

T/ Satt.


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