​​​​​​​Mahmoud: We abide by protocols, do not recruit minors

Nuri Mahmoud pointed out that the special-war-circles affiliated parties exploit the minors' issue to defame the values and principles of the revolution, and the democratic system in Rojava, northeast Syria.

The spokesperson for the People's Protection Units, (YPG), Nuri Mahmoud, refuted some parties' allegations about the SDF's recruitment of minors, during a statement to ANHA agency, and made it clear that they are committed to their signed protocols with the United Nations.

Mahmoud noted that the revolution of Rojava in NES has reached a great stage regionally and the world at large, and is a vanguard in the human revolutionary struggle, and he said: “That is why smear campaigns are launched against the people of Rojava and NES from special war centers.”

Campaigns to defame the values of the revolution

He indicated that the special war circles had recently focused on the issue of minors, and said: "The aim of these campaigns is to distort the revolutionary struggle over the past years, and to defame the Rojava and NES administration."

He touched on the issue, and said: “Children are the future of the region. We view children from this standpoint, and they are brought up according to values of the community.

He pointed out that those war circles try hard to distort our region's struggle by all means and methods, especially the minors matter and he said: "Therefore our people must beware these policies."

We are taken community organization, opinions, and directives as a foundation

He confirmed that the People's Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units, (YPG, YPJ) have taken community organization, opinions and directives as a basis for them.

He pointed out that the NES administration looks at some cases in a humane view and that they are provided with all the necessary care. To us, they are a continuation of the values of society and the nation. Therefore, they must be educated on the correct community and revolutionary values and principles, and remain in their families and schools."

He did not deny that the regime legacy had caused an imbalance in the family in Rojava, NES, and said: "Many children flee from domestic violence."

Children affected by militant characters

He noted that many children were affected by the revolution and the militant figures, so they join their ranks ".

He pointed that the military units and forces have developed discussions with the administration, society, and the United Nations, in order to find solutions for children who flee from domestic violence.

We do not allow minors to join our ranks

The spokesman confirmed that the military forces in Rojava, do not allow minors to join their ranks. It guarantees their upbringing under appropriate conditions."

Mahmoud stated that there are parties affiliated with the special war circles that exploit the issue to denounce the values and principles of the revolution, and the democratic system in Rojava, NES, and he said: “These parties are trying to distort the achievements and gains that have been made with great sacrifices of 11 thousand martyrs and more than 22 thousand wounded. ".

Mahmoud continued: “These parties not only use the issue to launch defamatory attacks against the values and principles of the revolution, but they also target the young group, to put them under the influence of their policies through spreading narcotic substances in particular by the Turkish occupation circles.” The family should educate them according to the values and principles of the revolution and the sacrifices made, indicating that the region is going through a historical stage.

In July 2019, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict signed a joint work agreement to protect and assist children within the Autonomous Administration areas, and to prevent the recruitment of minors.



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