Mahmoud Othman: fighting extremism is everyone's responsibility

Mahmoud Othman, a prominent Kurdish politician, said that Western countries must take responsibility for restoring and prosecuting IS elements, adding that any failure in this case is a big mistake, stressing the need for everyone to fight extremism in all its forms.       


In a statement to ANHA agency, the Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman said that Western countries should take responsibility for the receipt of IS elements who were arrested by SDF during the liberation campaigns of the region.

Mahmoud Othman spoke to ANHA agency about the West's procrastination in receiving their citizens of IS mercenaries who were captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Othman stressed the importance of receiving and prosecuting IS mercenaries in their countries in accordance with international law because the elimination of terrorism is the responsibility of all.

"We must combat extremism in all its forms and work to create moderate and tolerant thought among all peoples and everyone should play this historic role," Othman said.

Many countries in the West and East suffer from the problem of extremism, as many countries have paid the price of the intellectual disease caused by many groups starting from al-Qaeda and ending in IS.

Many bombings in the world have been perpetrated by various terrorist groups. The September 11 events in the United States are one of the most prominent terrorist attacks, along with the spread of mercenaries in Syria and Iraq.

"Such conferences are for the benefit of all nations and peoples, and it is useful," Othman said in response to a question about the possibility of holding an international conference in Rojava under the United Nations umbrella against terrorism.

"The wise have to stand in one trench against every extremist terrorist group," Othman concluded

This comes as SDF besieged IS mercenaries, who rejected to surrender in a small area inside al-Bagouz village in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

SDF are waiting for the completion of evacuations of the civilians, who are used as human shields by IS, to start a military operation against the last members of IS.

With the end of the military presence of IS in al-Bagouz, IS was defeated militarily about five years after the People's and Women's Protection Units(YPG and YPJ) and then the Syrian Democratic Forces started the war on IS, which actually began from Kobanî.

In a related context, SDF are capturing more than a thousand mercenaries who were arrested during battles in northern Syria belonging to more than 48 Arab and foreign nationalities.

European countries are evading the issue of receiving mercenaries, which illustrates their failure to fight terrorism, prosecute terrorists and prevent their re-deployment in the region.


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