Macron to Trump and Erdogan: Stop attack on northeast Syria

The French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday he had told Turkish President Recep Erdogan and US President Donald Trump in telephone calls that Turkey's attack on Syria must be stopped immediately.

Macron, speaking next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that "we have a common desire to end this attack."

"This attack threatens an intolerable humanitarian crisis and may help the resurgence of ISIS in the region," he said.

The French presidency said in a statement that Macron will hold an "emergency defense meeting" of the cabinet on Sunday to discuss options available regarding the Turkish attack in northeastern Syria.

Today, Angela Merkel also said that she urged the head of the Turkish occupation state Erdogan to stop attacks in northern Syria immediately, warning that it could increase instability in the region and cause the return of ISIS.

In a call with the President of the occupation state Erdogan, Angela Merkel demanded "an immediate halt" to the occupation attacks, according to a statement issued by the Chancellor's Office, and confirmed during the conference with Macron.


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