​​​​​​​Macron from Beirut: We seek to secure international aid for Lebanese people

The French President Emmanuel Macron said before leaving Beirut airport towards the site of the explosion in the port: "My message is a message of brotherhood, affection and friendship from France to Lebanon, and we seek to secure international aid for the Lebanese people; medical and medicines."

He added: "We are coordinating for logistical assistance in the coming days and a French aircraft carrying aid with a research team will arrive soon, and I will meet the Lebanese political bodies in a real dialogue to take responsibility."

He continued: "We know that the crisis in Lebanon is great and it is political and moral above all, and the victims are the Lebanese people. I will meet the civil community for the priority to support the Lebanese people without conditions." He added: "This is Lebanon and this is France. There are many French victims, one of them is a French engineer. We are concerned, have many injured people and are concerned about the fate of some." He said:" France is taking initiatives to support the rescue operations, and I will meet those concerned to find out what happened."

 The French president arrived in Lebanon, and tweeted the moment he arrived via his account on Twitter saying: "Lebanon is not alone."


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