Maariv: Netanyahu will maintain status quo in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon

An Israeli military analyst said the new Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, would seek to maintain the status quo with fronts "Gaza, Syria, Lebanon" and will not make a major change in the security policy of Israel.

The Israeli military analyst, Yossi Mleiman, in an article published on the site of the newspaper "Maariv" Israeli: "Netanyahu will work to prevent a war or escalation on the three borders with Gaza, Syria and Lebanon and to prevent any confrontations in the West Bank to make way for the process of American recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank.

According to Mleiman, Netanyahu in Gaza will continue to transfer Qatari grant money to Hamas to buy relative calm.

He said that Netanyahu will make an effort to fulfill his electoral promise to impose sovereignty over the West Bank. This requires maintaining the conditions in Gaza and the West Bank and dividing the Palestinian people into two separate political entities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

He added that Netanyahu will continue to avoid negotiations with the Palestinian Authority in the hope of continuing security cooperation between the Shabak and the Israeli army with the Palestinian Authority, at the expense of understandings with Hamas.



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