Lina Barakat: Women's achievements in Syria are a victory for all women in the world


In conjunction with the International Women's Day on 8 March, Hawar agency met with the spokeswoman of the Syrian Women's Council Lina Barakat to talk about the role of women in the Rojava revolution.

At the beginning of her speech, Lina Barakat blessed all the women of the world on the occasion of International Women's Day. "On the occasion of International Women's Day in the name of the Women of the Syrian Women's Council, I congratulate all women in the world, especially the women of Syria who became an example and were pioneer in many fields including the military, cultural, economic and social domains."

"After IS was overwhelmingly defeated from the north and east of Syria, the responsibility of women doubled, that is to liberate and raise awareness within the society, as well as rehabilitation and education," said Lina Barakat.

Lina Barakat pointed out that women's freedom is the freedom of the homeland and society; women must change the concepts caused by the traditions of society that prevent women from their rights.

"There is no real freedom without the freedom of women," said Lina Barakat, spokeswoman for the Syrian Women's Council. "Women must prepare themselves for the next phase more strongly because we will move to the internal front and change the prevailing concepts and traditions that have suffered from. Most of the regions are under the pressure of the traditions in our society, so today we are working to rehabilitate women and prepare them culturally and intellectually to build a free society. "

"The issue of women is universal that is not limited to Syria and I appeal to all women to have an integrated struggle, because the victory we achieve in Syria is a victory for all the women of the world," said Lina Barakat.

On her assessment of the role of women in institutions in all regions of northern and eastern Syria, Lina Barakat said: "Women have become an example to be followed in all fields. We will seek to rehabilitate all women again, because if they are qualified effectively and seriously, they will make progress. We will work together to prepare them in all areas to take a place and be more influential in society. "


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