Limited celebrations for Newroz allover  Rojava

Today the eve of Newroz witnessed the celebrations and the lighting the torch of Newroz in all cities and regions of Rojava, which are taking place in limited gatherings as  measures to prevent the outbreak of Corona.


This evening, dozens of villagers from Qanaya district villages , west of Kobane, flocked to the school square to celebrate Newroz in the circumstances in which the region is experiencing under precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of Covi-19. The celebration of Newroz started with small rings of popular dances amid Kurdish revolutionary and popular songs.

Ain Issa

In the same context, residents of Ain Issa district in Girê Spî /Tel Abyad canton celebrated with the participation of dozens of people from all components. They started Newroz torch by setting tires on fire and holding dances rings around them.

Al Shahba

In Al-Shahba canton, Afrin people celebrated the eve of Newroz and set fire to  in front of their homes and in the squares. They wrote the name of Afrin with Newroz torches and held dances rings around it on the beat of revolutionary songs.


People also lit the flame of Newroz in their streets to celebrate the arrival of Newroz holidays in small gatherings.

 To prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Newroz torch was lit in the city of Al Hasaka and the people gathered in small groups each in his neighborhood and street to celebrate Newroz.

People also celebrated in the same way in other cities in the north and east of Syria such as Minbij  and Al Darbesia. They expressed their faith in the symbolism of Newroz as a new day of ending the oppression especially in Rojava.



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