Like the Armenian massacres, Turkish threats threaten Christians in northern Syria

The targeting of places of worship from mosques and churches has become a major Turkish policy in creating a platform to extend its influence and beliefs according to its whims. This raised concern of Christians in Syria, especially after the occupation of Afrin and the demolition of its churches, in conjunction with the resurgence of Turkish threats against the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

In conjunction with the Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria, Christians in the north of Kobani canton believe that the Turkish threats of aggression against the northern regions of Syria do not exclude a component or religion, but the aim is genocide like the Armenians, and spreading Turkish fear among the general public.

As for the Turkish threats, and the danger they pose to the Syriacs, the Syriac Military Council issued a statement saying, “We are about 100,000 Syriac Christians living in northeastern Syria and there is a danger to the Christian presence in the region. If Turkey invade us, our churches will be destroyed and our people will be killed. ''

Christians are an important segment of northern and eastern Syria. They live in the cities of Derek, Afrin, Tall Tamr and Hassakeh, and despite external attempts to ignite sectarian strife in the region, peaceful and fraternal coexistence is the foundation of life in the region.

Omer Firas, an Armenian, one of the worshipers at the Church of the Brothers in Kobani, said that they saw what happened in Afrin: the war crimes, desecration of the sanctities of peoples and places of worship by the Turkish state, pointing out that they sought to bring these facts to light, especially to those who advocate peace and the Christian religion, but they did nothing.

Christians and their churches in Afrin have not been spared from the horrors of the Turkish military attacks early last year, as the Turkish bombing led to the demolition of three churches in the vicinity of Afrin, while its contents were stolen in the city.

Firas said: "Here we Christians live with Muslims, and Arabs live with the Kurds, where is the problem? we are in safety and dignified life, the international community must see what Turkey is seeking, they are trying to eliminate this mosaic and turn it into ruin like Afrin."

Kobani canton witnessed the opening of the first church in September 13 last year under the name of the Church of the Brothers in Kobani, which is visited by several Christian families.

According to residents, some Armenian families built churches decades ago in the town of Kobani, but now nothing remains after most families have migrated abroad for decades.


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